If your Kindle does not have a protective case, we strongly recommend the print version, which is RSFAB-approved for use in all panniers and saddlebags. Trust us on this one. We once cracked a Kindle screen because we thought it would be nice to have it to read on the train after a brevet. Or perhaps you are less oblivious to intra-bag stresses than we are, in which case buy the ebook. Or you could spend an extra two bucks and get the Amazon thing where you get both versions, but if you’ve got both versions, why would the ebook ever be in your pannier? You keep your panniers completely clean, right? You’d never forget you have a paperback in there and bring the Kindle along too. Although if you did, the additional weight would be a handy excuse for getting dropped.

Both versions submersible to a depth of 5000′. You won’t be able to read them after that, but you can absolutely submerge them as often as you’d like.