…which I could conceivably end up calling

RIDE 3: More short fiction about more bicycles


if no one talks me out of it.

Mechanicals, bonks, dogs, wrong turns, and bonus miles have delayed RIDE 3 since the submission deadline, and sometimes friends and family couldn’t find it on the GPS page, but it always knew it was out there pedaling.

The authors of RIDE 3 are:

L.S. Bassen
Next of Kin

Jennifer Brown

L. Nicol Cabe
Pearls in the Aftermath

Chris Chaney
All You Haters

K.I. Hope
The Daily

Jesse Keating
He Rides Alone

Ang Lay Leng
Toufu Bicycle

Jay Gallera Malaga
My First Bike

John Mannone

Rita McDermott
Over the Rainbow

Vandana Rao
Chandu’s Cycle

Souradeep Roy
The Rickshawala

Sarojini Sahoo
Bicycle and Me

C.E. Snow
In for Service

Maya Sokolovski
The Bike

Dara Syrkin
Stranger’s Blessing

Cindy Velasquez
A Bottled Coke

Anne Whitehouse

And as always,
cover art by bicyclepaintings herself,
Taliah Lempert

Congratulations to all who buy it and read them!

RIDE 3 will be out in time for the holidays, though not in time for “Holiday Bike Books” articles. To hear when it’s available (print and ebooks, both), follow @ridebikefiction on Twitter or subscribe to this blog.