…which, unless I think of an even more splendiferous title, will be called

RIDE 2: More short fiction about bicycles

(Though that won’t be the cover design.)

I thought about breaking this list into STORIES and POEMS, but Beat the Devil Home is a poem masquerading as a story, and The Rambler is a story decked out as a poem, so I got confused.

Here they all are, sans genre labels, in the same order as they happened to come out of this manila folder with the word YES on it.

RIDE 2 will be available in Kindle, Nook, iBooks and print after Thanksgiving. Maybe before. Indie presses laugh at calendars.

(And now that I’ve had a moment to take a step back and look at it fresh—I love this book.)

The authors of

SJ Rozan
Escape Velocity

K.I. Hope
Beat the Devil Home

Nigel Greene
Passing Thoughts

Jon Billman

Eric Neuenfeldt

Kent Peterson
Made with Extra Love

Jan Maher
The Persistence of Memory
I’ve Begun to See Things

Barb Goffman
Ulterior Motives

Keith Snyder
The Rambler, Part I

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