This still isn’t the BIG announcement (the one that says, “Here are the links to RIDE on Nook, Kindle, iBooks, and in print!”) but this close to the holidays, I figure people with cyclists on their gift lists would rather have the extra lead time.

As of today, it’s on Nook for $2.99:

RIDE: Short fiction about bicycles for Nook
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And Kindle for $2.99:

RIDE: Short fiction about bicycles for Kindle
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Next will be iBooks, with print happening last. I’ll post as soon as they’re available.

The story behind

Barbara Jaye Wilson’s story is the last one in the book, the cherry on top—or in bike racing and randonneuring terms, the lanterne rouge. That’s a fitting position for a story called “Red Dot.” Here’s what she wrote about it at

Long Story Short
(about a short story)

Keith Snyder’s Call for Submissions for bike-themed fiction was the excuse I needed. The Brenda Midnight characters had been knocking around in my head for way too long. I decided this would be a good outing for them, an opportunity to let them see the light of day, get some exercise. I figured I’d just stick Brenda on a bicycle and see what happened.

What happened was nothing. I take that back. A lot of things happened, just nothing worth submitting.

And so, back to the drawing board…literally, except these days I draw on an iPad. I amped up my work on ROGUE CONE, a graphic novel (reality: probably a short story) about a traffic cone. That work makes me hyper aware of other stuff on the street: pigeons, cobblestones, tossed out couches, gumblobs, and bicycles—some new, some not.

Then I remembered the last time I rode a bike.

I’m happy with how the story turned out. The fact that Keith included it RIDE BIKE FICTION is icing on the cake. Major yummy icing.

—Barbara Jaye Wilson