(A note from the editor/publisher.)

I’ve been a writer and graphic artist for a long time, but RIDE is my first effort as a publisher.

Ebooks will be going live soon (Amazon first, others to follow, then the print version after that), and the jangle of nerves is a little different from what I’ve experienced when my novels were about to come out. With a novel—one put out by a publisher not oneself, anyway—you get the advance reviews as your editor or agent sends them to you, and the good print ones make your week, and the vicious online ones stick in your heart, but at least you’ve got the good print ones, so first-month sales might turn out okay. It’s both the good and bad kinds of unsettling.

With RIDE, the jangling is more diffuse. As the editor, I want not to disappoint any of my authors. As the publisher, I want to sell enough copies to get some movement going for the next one (yes, I do intend RIDE 2; there’s a submission guidelines page at the end of RIDE). As the marketing director, I hope I didn’t send the story previews live too soon, or too late, or in the wrong way, or let the first few ARCs (Advance Reading Copies) see daylight when there were still too many missing changes. (As one of the authors, I just want to get email that allows me to act modest.)

And I suppose as a bike guy, I want other bike people to like it. But that’s not nerves, that’s just pleasant anticipation. The stories are so diverse that it’s hard to think of even a really big crank (pun intended, let’s say 185mm) not finding something to like.

As of yesterday, the first two story previews are up at the blog, and I intended to promote them when I sat down to write this. But frankly…I hate promoting, so I ended up writing about how I feel about the book instead. Which is:

I really kind of love it.